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OnLine Marketplace -
Unlike any other...

Anyone can sell their stuff on eBay, right?

That's right, but nobody sells it like we do.

Online Marketplace handles the entire process of selling your items on eBay.

We start by conducting an interview to get information about your item.  Next, we take professional digital photographs and create a detailed and attractive auction listing using our proven template to help raise your selling price.

Each listing has a branded Online Marketplace look, giving potential eBay buyers a sense of confidence and comfort with your sale. We are a trusted eBay seller and millions recognize our rating.

During the auction, we quickly answer all questions regarding your auction listing to bidders, handle all online payments from the buyer (We accept credit cards so you don't have to!), and deal with the hassle of packaging and shipping to the final destination.

OLM actively manages the entire auction process from start to finish for a modest commission.

In summary:
We do the Work.  
You get the Check!
Get me on eBay today!



"eBay is a great way to make money without the hassles of garage sales." -
James S. - Oak Park, MI

Reasons why we are the only choice:

  • Our Marketing Reputation
    We are a certified eBay trading assistant and an eBay Power Seller with a very high feedback rating. OnLine Marketplace has been professionally Internet marketing since 1995. No other service has our experience in marketing
  • Professional Quality Listings
    Utilize our specialized auction template, professional photography & descriptions. Wouldn't you be more confident buying from a recognized eBay seller, with a great presentation and history?
  • Identity Security
    Use our personal & financial information online, not yours. We accept credit cards from your buyers so you don't have to get a merchant account. You don't have to put any of your personal information on the Internet.
  • Higher Sales Value
    The professional OnLine Marketplace brand is proven to attract more bids, giving you a higher final sales values for your items. Stop into our store for some more great examples!
  • Full Auction Management
    Let us handle everything efficiently. Simply collect your check at the end of your auction

Are you looking to buy
something special?

OLM can help to get
almost anything
at the right bid price.

OLM is a complete eBay broker, and we can help you find and buy that one of a kind and unique item online.  

All you need to do is call OLM and tell us what you are looking for, when you need it or want it, and what you are willing to pay for it. OLM has tools that generate the bids in a manner that helps assure your success. (Usually for a much lower price than you expect.) A small fee is charged for this service.  


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