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Here's a sample of some of the items we sell on eBay:

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Want real examples of sales that we have completed?
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Brief History: Our Results:
Although identical bibles to this one sold for only $20-30 for their owner.  OLM Auctions researched and found how to “talk” to the prospective bidders.  We generated a feeding frenzy that drew 23 bids and sold for over $200 to the winning bidder.  button
The owner of this coat said she would be happy with any money coming for this 25 year old coat.  She was ecstatic when she received more than twice the amount for which she was hoping.  button
This doll is nude because we were able to sell her costume for over $100 and the doll, as you see it, captured $345 from the highest bidder.  This came from a owner who was ready to throw out her collection of dolls and playthings.  She came away with several hundred dollars that she did not know she had. button
This golfer was fed up with his game and was ready to toss his Wilson Staff Tour Blades into the pond on the course.  Instead he brought them to OLM Auctions and made enough money to have a golf retirement party. button
Here is a popular laptop that could be purchased new at any one of many stores.  Yet it sold for more than the retail price because it was purchased by a buyer in a foreign country.  OLM Auctions processes orders and ships worldwide. button


This DBX preamp sold for $661. It was part of a long list of high end audio equipment owned by a Hollywood audio studio that recently closed down.  Retrieving cash for the many assets of the studio was most pleasing for the owner. button
This arts and crafts style print sold for $350 to a lover of the Louise Spoor art.  button
The owners of a Stickley style home was ready to move to a contemporary home.  They came to us to sell off a houseful of Stickley and mission style furnishings.  We handled everything. The research, copy, graphics and shipping. All tolled they received an amount that was close to their original purchase prices.  (This couch alone sold for $2,350.59) A real winner for all.    button
Some lucky winner is looking at the stars from his home in Montreal Canada. The previous owner is happy to have cashed in on a telescope that he rarely had time for. button
Audemars-Piguet Swiss watch sold for $2,650 to a buyer in the far east.  This was over 30% more than the owner expected.  These kinds of auctions illustrate the need to have accurate research (where is the market and what will be the likely sale price.) button

  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Art, Lithographs, Painting, Sculpture 
  • Books & Printed Material
  • Cameras, Computers & Electronics
  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
  • Coins & Stamps
  • Furniture (Antique and Unique)
  • Home Decor, House wares & Linens
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Media Collections (CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, etc.)
  • Military Collectibles
  • Movie Memorabilia
  • Musical Instruments
  • Music Memorabilia
  • Outdoor / Outerwear (Carhartt, Filson, etc.)
  • Paper, magazines, maps, newsprints, tickets, etc.
  • Real Estate & Timeshares
  • Regional items (States, Cities, Memorials)
  • Sports Equipment & Memorabilia
  • Television Memorabilia
  • Tin Toys
  • Tobacco Collectibles
  • Toys, Games, Dolls, & Bears
  • Vehicles, Parts, & Accessories
  • Vintage items

  • Have an estimated eBay final sales price of at least $50.00

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"This is a lot more effective than listing in the newspaper classifieds." -
Randy D. -
West Bloomfield, MI

What Does Not Sell Well On eBay...

  • Avon
  • Beanie Anything
  • Cabbage Patch Dolls
  • Clothes
  • Anything Made In China
  • General Items that could be found at Walmart / Target, etc.
  • Sport Cards from 1980 - Present
  • Toys from the 90's

Information To Bring In...

If you have any information on your item it certainly helps to bring it in, the more details we can supply to the bidder the more likely it is to get bids on your items.

  • Artists or Manufacturer information
  • Edition or limited on the item
  • Any condition details, glitches or repairs
  • Age or history of the item
  • Family Tree of the item
  • Material information, fabric, wood, glaze, etc.
  • Makers Mark or Certificate of Authenticity
  • Original packing material, warranties, information sheets
  • Original cables, cords, connectors, pieces-parts.

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